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Best Job in the World - Interpreter

What do you think is the best job in the world? Could it be an Island Caretaker, Park Ranger, Wine Taste master, or Celebrity Wardrobe Consultant? I believe the best job in the world is none of these—I believe it is being an interpreter.

An interpreter’s job is exciting and diverse. One day an interpreter can be on an assignment in a courtroom and the next day in a hospital, while on another day they can find themselves hob-nobbing with high-level government officials. 

Last week, Translationz had great pleasure to be on top of Adelaide Hills in South Australia, overlooking natural beauty in the picturesque Piccadilly Valley, and basking in the unrivalled panoramic views of the city Adelaide. We were part of a two-day conference hosted by a manufacturer of high-quality, luxury natural skincare products.

The manufacturer invited beauty and fashion magazine editors from all over the world to showcase their products. Translationz staffed three interpreters—Mandarin, Korean and Japanese—and provided interpreting equipment and service for 25 non-English speaking guests. I personally had the pleasure of setting up the equipment and making sure the Mandarin interpreter’s voice was in the ear of the Mandarin speakers and not that of the Japanese or Korean speakers.

The event was a huge success for the manufacturer. The interpreters were superb and the equipment was flawless. All parties—including us—were ecstatic!

The picture displayed is of Mount Lofty House where the event was held. It's an iconic boutique hotel and event venue in Adelaide. It is truly spectacular and situated high on top of the Adelaide Hills, with outstanding views.

The house was built between 1852 and 1858 by Arthur Hardy, a politician, lawyer, pastoralist and businessman. It was initially his summer home, then became the family’s personal residence.

Today, the Mount Lofty House is used exclusively to host events and as a hotel.

Back at the event, live presentations and post-media interview sessions kept the interpreters entertained throughout the two days. We executed simultaneous interpreting during the presentations, speaking at the same time the presentations were conducted.

Simultaneous interpreting is a gruelling task requiring intense focus. During the one-to-one media sessions, the interpretation was consecutive. The beauty editors asked questions in Japanese, for example, and Translationz interpreters translated to English and provided answers back to executives. Consecutive interpreting is a stop and go process, where one person speaks and then the interpreter speaks, then again the other party speaks.

The interpreters performed their duties perfectly in each situation.

We were also treated to offsite adventures including touring the 153-acre farm where the organic and natural ingredients found in the manufacturer’s products are grown. Our interpreters learned about biodynamic farming and how the manufacturer optimises the potency of plants to grow superior crops used in quality products.

Finally, another memorable offsite experience was touring a well-known winery. The Translationz interpreters provided services, interpreting the two-hour winery tour, and were lucky to sample six luxury wines and a selection of gourmet cheeses. It was fantastic, in our humble opinions. With such fabulous assignments as this one, you can see why I believe an interpreter's job is the best in the world.

Karen CEO 70

Written by:
Karen Hodgson, CEO of Translationz

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