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Interpreter Services Australia

Do you want professional interpreting services?

Superior Interpreter Services

Our team of experienced interpreters, backed by our dedicated project coordinators, will provide you with peace of mind by expertly meeting your communication needs.


Australian Pty Ltd Company

We are an Australian company with interpreters serving all Australian capital cities. On the east coast, our interpreters are located in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Hobart as well as some of the regional centres. On the west coast, our interpreters are available in Perth and are also available to fly to mining sites or other locations across WA. We also have professionals available in Adelaide and Darwin.


Specialized Interpreting

Whether you need an interpreter for a court date, conference or meeting, or even one who specializes in engineering, we have the interpreter for you. We handle interpreting and translating assignments across most industries, including insurance, mining, legal and government.

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Translationz is Australia’s choice for interpreting services, with a resource pool of hundreds of professionally trained interpreters across most languages and locations countrywide. Because of our commitment to excellence, we have achieved consistent and rapid growth, and are now the number-one choice for interpreting services for many individuals and organisations around Australia.

Our project managers are experts at coordinating complex, multilingual interpreting assignments for conferences, tour groups, teleconferences, voiceovers and more, with experience in both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting.

Our interpreters are available in all capital cities in Australia, making us a convenient choice for many law firms and businesses. 

Interpreting-Equipment-RentalWe rent state of the art interpreter equipment. Whether for a small meeting or a large group rental, contact us for all your hire needs.


“ The interpreter equipment was invaluable. The users of the equipment adapted to it very quickly which made the training experience much more enjoyable for them (for all of us really).  I don't know how we would have coped without it.”

- N. Dickson, Salvation Army

We offer most languages of the world. A sample of common interpretation languages include Arabic, Chinese, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean and many, many more.



Interpreters can be booked for periods ranging in duration from a short meeting to a multi-week assignment. The minimum block of time we book is two hours. The cost of the interpreter will vary based on their experience and qualifications. In general, certified interpreters are more expensive than noncertified interpreters, and complex interpreting assignments are often more expensive. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs with you and suggest a suitable interpreter.

Interpreter-Jobs is fast becoming the authority website for language interpreting assignments around Australia. If you are looking for interpreter jobs then we are always looking for NAATI certified interpreters to become part of our great team. To qualify, you must be committed to superior service in every aspect. This includes your interpersonal skills, professionalism and most importantly you ability to be an effective interpreter for our clients.

Recent Projects

A small sample of our interpreter projects and satisfied clients

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Telephone Interpreting Service

We have translators and interpreters in many locations across Australia and the world, however we are often asked for telephone interpreting service. Our telephone interpreters can be booked in advance or for existing accounts we have a real time ondemand phone interpreting option.  We offer most languages and it is available in Australia and where ever there is a good phone service. 

Phone interpreter service

Over the phone interpreting (OPI) is used regularly by our clients across Australia and around the world. We are Australia's specialist provider of interpreting services and have a state of the art, cloud based system that allows for effective and affordable communication across languages. We offer hundreds of languages and have 24 hour capability.

How does it work?

For regular clients we offer a web-based booking service to book the interpreting session. For new customers, we encourage you to give us a call or use the request a quote form on our site.  After the booking has been made, you will be contacted to confirm your telephone number and payment information. We accept Visa and Mastercard as well as direct deposit.

The telephone interpreter will be available at the agreed time.  In some cases, our conference call facilitator will arrange to call all parties to the conference call.  After the call is started, the facilitator may leave the call.  Your interpreter will conduct the interpretation services and the time of the call will be tracked.  Clients will be charged for the call duration plus a set up fee.

About Translationz Pty Ltd

We are an language services company that provides interpreting services including over the phone. As a telephone interpreting company in Australia, we will make sure that you have suitable interpreters for your needs.

Do you provide video interpreting as an option?

Yes, we have video interpretation capability. We only offer this to clients where we have validated their data speeds to ensure that the experience is good.  Video interpreting service is available in some circumstances. Generally, this is offered to businesses and government organisations who have the appropriate infrastructure to support high data loads. Please speak with you project coordinator to discuss your video interpreter options.

What languages do you support?

We support most languages spoken in Australia.  For rare languages, we normally need more notice, however in all cases we encourage booking in advance so that you are not disappointed. 

Some of the more common languages are listed on our menu, however this is not a complete list.  Do not hesitate to call to discuss your specific needs of our service.