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Visibility of Conference Interpreting

high level conference

Professional interpreting is an art, and high-level interpreting takes this art to the world stage. High-level government officials wield enormous influence over policy issues and are directly involved in shaping decisions that affect the lives of countless people. Because so much is at stake at these conferences, the skill and specialised knowledge of the professional interpreters involved is critical to the outcome of the event and beyond.


What Courts look for in an interpreter

QLD Law Society
QLD interpreters 

Courts are committed to delivering justice.  There are many examples of when a interpreter (sometimes called a translator by the general population) is required in the court setting.  Being able to effectively communicate the messages of witnesses is essential.  It can be challenging because sometimes the witnesses are stressed and are not communicating clearly themselves.  


Interpreting Legal Jargon

Court Interpreter Brisbane

The legal profession is full of jargon that can be confusing for the layperson. Much of this serves a very specific purpose, defining actions and infractions in legal documentation according to the way that the laws are written. This can cause problems when legal arguements need to be interpreted to other languages, as interpreters who aren’t well versed in legal jargon can accidentally change the meanings of items in contracts, briefs, and other legal documents through poor translation of jargon.


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