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We serve most locations across Australia.

Interpreter .com .au provide language interpreter services from our foreign language translation and interpreting company. We provide Brisbane and Qld interpreters for most languages. In Queensland, Translationz is one of the providers that is approved for all State Government departments and agencies.  We are also approved for all local councils and well as many Federal Government agencies.  We provide interpreting for most languages,including:

interpreter brisbaneWe offer Brisbane interpreter services for most other languages.  Call on (07) 3123 4887 or request a quote today.

We provide either certified Brisbane interpreters or non certified.  A certified interpreter in Brisbane has passed the test to become an accredited interpreter.

Interpreter Qld Queensland Australia

Interpreters in Qld are available for your all your professional and personal needs.  Normally, our Brisbane based interpreters will travel to your location in Qld or we organise a phone interpreter for your needs. In some instances we do have interpreters in central Queensland.

Your court interpreter Qld ( Queensland ) offers professional interpreter services for all you court and legal needs.  Note:  Court interpreters need to be qualified. 

brisbane court interpreter service

In most instances, we can assist with providing a qualified professional certified interpreter for the Brisbane Supreme Court, District Courts or the Magistrates courts across the State of Queensland.

Our interpreters can be available for the 131 Magistrates Court locations throughout QLD including providing:

  • interpreter services for the courthouses
  • 19 Queensland Government Agent Program (QGAP) centres (Department of Justice and Attorney-General as lead agent) with translation and interpreter services
  • Certified Interpreters for the police stations
  • Interpreters for the five Indigenous communities.

Your medical interpreter Qld ( Queensland )offers professional interpreter services for all you hospital and medical needs.  We are approved to provide interpreting services in Queensland hospitals. You will need to request the service through the hospital if you are in a government hospital.

Your business interpreter Qld (Queensland) offers professional interpreter services for all you business and meeting needs.

Your conference interpreter Qld ( Queensland ) offers professional interpreter services for all you conference needs.


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